Have you tried Piktochart? It’s Lifechanging!

Have you ever stumbled across something that was a major game-changer? This very thing happened to me just recently when I stumbled across Piktochart. While I'm not paid by Piktochart for this post, I HAD to do a write-up on this fabulous new resource! A trend I've noticed over the past few months is a … Continue reading Have you tried Piktochart? It’s Lifechanging!


The “On-the-Go” Box…a mom’s secret weapon!

Today, I had an epiphany, my car needed an "on-the-go" box. It seems that while my car is clean of "stuff", there are times when items not kept in the car would actually come in handy. Thus I created an "on-the-go" box to solve this problem. What is an "on-the-go" box? Quite simply it is … Continue reading The “On-the-Go” Box…a mom’s secret weapon!