A Blog Reorganized

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Such an ironic title, “A Blog Reorganized”. Truth be known, it’s about time. Starting a blog is easy. Creating a purposeful and interesting blog is not.

In my journey to always look for areas of my life that could use a little improvement, this blog is no exception. Recently, I stumbled across a new platform, Edublogs, specifically designed for educators. Can we say “light bulb!”?  It makes more sense to post my educational musings on my new, secondary blog LearnServeLead.

Making this change allows me to simplify  and organize this blog. After all, isn’t that the purpose of this blog in the first place? Yes, I believe so! Blogs are an organic, ever changing, extension of ourselves. With renewed purpose, Integral Organizing will focus on organizing strategies, DIY and other creative projects and my new favorite bullet journaling.

I hope you continue this journey with me as this blog continues to evolve.


Jennifer Lynn