Virtual Assistant & Professional Organizing

If your time is limited or you want to take a more “hands-on” approach to getting organized, Virtual Professional Organizing may be a great option for you! 

You’ve heard of Virtual Assistants but What is Virtual Professional Organizing?

Benefit #1: Your personal phone consultation gives you access to the same great ideas and systems for getting organized, increasing productivity, and reducing stress.

Benefit #2: You have access to your professional organizer no matter where you live! Geography is no longer an issue and you don’t have to worry about extra mileage fees. 

Benefit #3: Phone consultations booked in 60-minute blocks can be easier on your schedule and budget than a 2-hour minimum on-site session. 

Benefit #5: You want to do the organizing project yourself and you only need a mentor to help you come up with an action plan that meets your needs. 

Benefit #6: You can execute your customized plan at your convenience! This is great for clients who have hectic or alternative schedules. 

How does Virtual Professional Organizing work? 

Step 1:  You schedule an initial consultation (free) to see if Virtual Professional Organizing (VPO) is right for you. 
Step 2: If VPO is right for you, schedule and pre-pay for your phone consultation appointment. 
Step 3: Text/email photos of problem spaces including dimensions if possible for evaluation.
Step 4: Email additional info, questions, etc. prior to your phone consultation.
Step 5: During your phone consultation, evaluation of problem areas and proposed solutions are discussed. A customized action plan, including tips on implementing the solutions, is created to meet your needs. Organizing skills and processes are taught to help with long-term success.
Step 6: You complete the organizing project(s) according to your schedule.
Step 7: Email your “after” photos with thoughts on how the plan is working for you. Include any questions you may still have in case the action plan needs adjusting.
If you are in need of Virtual Assistant services, rather than organizing services, fill out the contact info below with details of what areas/tasks you are seeking assistance. 

How much does Virtual Professional Organizing cost?

Integral Organizing charges $45 per 1-hr block (minimum charge). Payments are accepted via PayPal.  
If you need extra time after the 1-hr block,  up to 30 additional minutes can be purchased as follows:  $10 for up to 15 extra minutes; $20 for up to 30 extra minutes.
Consultations lasting more than 90-minutes will be charged as a 2-hour block ($90).  
Virtual Assistance pricing is also $45/hr for most services. Pricing can be negotiated for special projects. 

Schedule your Virtual Organizing Session today!